At Thundering Sky Studios we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.  Here are some of their impressions:

“Working with Chris Magruder and Thundering Sky Studios has been an absolutely amazing experience.   Let me count the ways:

1. Professionalism: Chris knows what he is doing and it shows in his work and demeanor.  From the start of our project to the finish it was all about the music and capturing the sound we wanted.  After every session we were given a rough mix of our work that day.  He takes very little time setting equipment up which gives you more time to devote to your project.

2. Musical Expertise: First off Chris has an amazing musical ear.  As a singer it was important for me to receive feedback on pitch and key during recording sessions.  Chris was right there to let me know if I was off or right on in each session.  Additionally his expertise was lent to everyone in our group as he comfortably guided each of us though our individual tracking ventures.  He heard mistakes that would have been passed by in most sessions.

3. Equipment: Thundering Sky Studios is an amazing place!  The studio is situated in an old farmhouse in the backwoods of South Berwick, ME.  When you step into the front door you get the “ahhhh” feeling as you see the inside of this incredible place.  Chris has more gear than you could possibly imagine.  As a singer it was a pleasure to hear myself in the very high end mics he uses (Neuman, Pearlman, Blue Kiwi).  The string players in the band had a field day with the vintage and modern amps he has in his arsenal.  Lets not forget the control room itself with the NEVE board, all the tube preamps and compressors.  Chris has obviously invested and he knows how to use each and every piece of his equipment to get the right sound for your project.

4. Value: Chris could easily charge more for his services but he does not.  What you receive when leaving Thundering Shy is a feeling that your money has been well spent.  The old adage of “You get what you pay for” goes miles beyond with what Chris brings to the table and that is highly professional recording services at an extremely competitive rate.

Our band Midnight Jump could not have asked for a better experience.  Thanks so much Chris and we can’t wait to come back for future projects.  Cheers!!”

Jared Tardugno of  Midnight Jump


“I recorded my first album at Thundering Sky Studios with Chris Magruder and I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. Chris’s ear is impeccable and his attention to detail is something that only comes from many years of experience. His technology is the best, but more importantly he knows how to use it. I spent hours with him in the mixing and mastering process and every time I thought it was perfect Chris would listen deeper and find something that needed attention. We had one voice and seven musicians and he made sure you can hear every nuance of every track. Chris definitely brought out the absolute best in our recording. But not only that, Chris has a way about him that puts everyone at ease. With a big smile and a big heart Chris cares about the entire recording process and understands how important it is to those of us in the studio. Chris’s professionalism and love for what he does shines through and that allowed us to focus on the music and brought out the best in us all.”

-Mike Nelson of  Mike Nelson and the Beat Night Band


“Being from New Hampshire, we were under the impression that we were going to have to do some traveling to find a studio with the quality and professionalism we were looking for. We have some friends in the industry who recommended a studio that did work for many platinum artists. So we looked into pricing and found it was going to be quite out of our range. We started asking around, looking for a local studio to record at. Thundering Sky studios came up in conversation a couple times so we decided to check them out. We had visited a few other studios and were impressed but Thundering Sky is on a whole different playing field. The moment we stepped into the studio we knew this was the  place we were going to record. Chris Magruder is not only an amazing engineer but and awesome person to work with.  His experience and skill is top notch and he has probably the best collection of gear north of Boston. We recorded our full length with Chris and it was far cheaper than the studios we looked at before and I have no doubt that we wouldn’t have been able to beat the quality Chris supplied us with no matter how much we spent somewhere else. We (Vessel) would highly recommend that you start and stop your search with Thundering Sky.”

-Chris Murphy and the guys from Vessel (www.vesselnh.com)


“Capturing the “live sound” of a band in the studio is never easy. Chris at Thundering Sky captured it with such precision and the environment he has created provided the vibe we needed!”

-Skip Brunette of Todo Bien


Chris, I’m in a hotel room in Philly weeping with joy — literally. You really understand what I’m about and are a true artist with my voice. I can’t thank you enough.

Judy Ringer  


“Song for the Winter and On My Way were recorded at Thundering Sky Studio. The owner,Chris Magruder, is great to work with and 100% professional. It is an absolute joy to experience his amazing studio space and witness his laser like focus as he dials in sounds. Chris maintains some truly phenomenal equipment (including a Neve Mixing Board) and has a set of ears that is second to none. As a band, we were really impressed with the session and will gladly return!”

Lex Buzzel of The George Brown Band



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